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The journalist is ready to go with MacBook Air on the PC with Windows 10, if there is a suitable hardware

With the release of Windows 10 in IT publications began to appear the first reviews of the new operating system, and a considerable part of them are positive. Although not without its problems inherent in any major release. Some reviewers recommended because of bugs to delay the transition to Windows 10 to release the first update.

Windows 8 was a serious mistake for Microsoft. But the company managed to save face, to correct mistakes and to release Windows 10, which incorporates the best from Windows 7 and Windows 8, according to foreign journalists. Browser The Verge Tom Warren has stated that he is ready to say goodbye to the MacBook Air, if you will be able to find a combination of good hardware and Windows 10″. He put Windows 10 evaluation of 8.8 and described the OS as a good combination of the familiar traits of Windows 7 and new Windows 8. The system works the way forward and to learn to work with the “start menu”, a user guide, this time is not necessary.

A lot of journalist pleased “live tiles”, which is organically entered in the “start” menu, expanding its capabilities. At the same time Windows 10 is accompanied by a number of bugs, crashes apps, disable audio, unstable new browser Edge, but because Warren proposes to wait until winter, when Microsoft will update their OS.

Positive feedback about the system focus on three issues: the “start menu”, the General look and feel, and voice assistant Cortana. However, all is not perfect, lack of flaws and many apps are not updated for Windows 10. Author Yahoo recommends to wait with the installation of Windows 10, as Microsoft will not fix flaws, and third-party manufacturers will not update the application.

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Problems with the browser says mehedi Hassan Microsoft-news. “Unlike Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge unstable. Frequent crashes, freezes”. In his opinion, the work on the OS is not yet complete, and Microsoft will have to work hard to fall to release a big update.

Overview of Yahoo journalist David POG promises that you’ll love Windows 10 and want to upgrade, especially with the possibility of a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1. Computer users with the experience to quickly get used to the “top ten” because it’s essentially Windows 7 with Cortana, the browser Edge and a few other additions, like live tiles in the start menu.

“Windows 10 is a solid, evolving system, which will be good for people who love Windows. But do not upgrade until Microsoft will fix all the bugs” — sums up its review of a fan of the iPhone and Mac Walt Mossberg of Re/code.

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