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The journalist explained why decided to switch to the iPhone after 10 years on Android

Android users have multiple flaws in the operating system. The most common mobile OS is present on hundreds of millions of devices, but is less stable and reliable than iOS. On the other hand, after the release of iPhone 7 many get the idea to change the platform, the list of innovations for it: amazing camera, blazing performance, waterproof design, new colors. Stop can only be price of smartphones. For fans of Google Freya Lobo from Mashable issues with Android become the main argument in favor of the iPhone.

Freya Lobo used Android smartphones for 10 years. When the girl was asked why she doesn’t buy iPhone, it always answered that the matter of price. While she was satisfied with the power of Android.

But recently operating system has to work less. The main reason to buy Apple’s smartphone performance. Despite the fact that Android is improving with each update, Freya more and more disillusioned with the system.

“I’m ready to abandon Android for one reason – performance. Despite the fact that the OS is getting better for me to work with Android only getting worse. Now maybe I have higher standards, but the experience of using my phone has never been so terrible.”

According to the journalist, applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, often “fly” on her smartphone. Often “falls” itself and Android, while the battery life leaves much to be desired. Latest phone the girl even had to replace due to the fact that he was Smoking on the charger.

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In Android there are many small things that irritate, says Freya. Emoji in all versions of the system were terrible, and with Android O, they become even more ugly.

Apps on iPhone always better. Besides, they often come out faster. Even some brands of Google will debut first on iOS and work better on smartphones Apple.

“If the iPhone is something like my MacBook Air 2013, it’s worth overpaying. I bought my laptop when I got into College, and it still works fine. Then Apple bribed me with its quality. In addition, I was finally able to use iMessage. Although the laptop is not as convenient as on the phone. iMessage is another reason to switch to iPhone,” writes Frey.

“Maybe my reasons are objective, or I just gave up after 10 years, but now I’m finally ready – can’t wait to see this cute iPhone 8”, she concluded.

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