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The Japanese figured out how to shave using your iPhone

In the world of amazing and unusual accessories for iPhone can be found very bizarre solutions. Traditionally, the authors of the most ridiculous inventions are considered to be Japanese. So, a startup from Japan Sanko Co. Ltd. presented razor that plugs into the Lightning port. It is reported by The Next Web.

Wanted to get rid of hair using your iPhone? No nanotechnology is not needed for this. Quite suitable pocket razor Thanko equipped with the Lightning connector, which is connected to the corresponding port of the iPhone.

Considering that Thanko — portable device, the engineers have installed only one set of blades, so for people with bristles like a medieval Highlander gadget is unlikely to be suitable.

The price of a device is $ 9. Alas, the novelty is sold exclusively in Japan. At least as long as the idea is not noticed enterprising Chinese masters.

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