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The jailbreak for iOS 11 an error was detected

Some users who tried to jailbreak iOS 11, encounter an error when installing the jailbreak. Fortunately, on a fix already working.

Recently hacker Jonathan Levin has released a jailbreak for iOS 11. He used a vulnerability in Apple developer discovered by Ian Beer of Google Project Zero.

Levine released a utility to hack is in testing phase. Some features and applications are not yet available. However, this does not stop fans of the jailbreak, and many of them have already tried to hack their devices. Unfortunately, some users encountered an error that blocks the installation of the jailbreak.

Levin reported that problems arose due to the lack of some system components. The hacker invited users to post on his forum the necessary data to create a new version of the jailbreak.

To do this, you need to:

  • 11.1.2 to download iOS for your device from the iPhoneWiki website.
  • Unzip the downloaded file with the operating system and to find in it a kernel file.cache.*number of the device*.
  • Download Joker from the site NewOSXBook.
  • Start with Joker team joker -dec kernelcache.release.*device number* (This command will unpack the kernel in folder /tmp/kernel.
  • To enter in the terminal run jtool -S /tmp/kernel | grep _kernproc to get the offset #1
  • To enter in the terminal run jtool -S /tmp/kernel | grep _rootvnode to get the offset #2

Received information you want to publish on the forum Jonathan Levin in the following format: *operating system version*, *kernproc or rootvnode*, *figures obtained in the terminal*.

Example: 11.1.2, kernproc, 0xfffffff843534534

After receiving these data, Levin will be able to make necessary corrections in its utility for iOS.

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