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The Italian asked Apple to help hacking the iPhone 6 deceased son

The Italian Leonardo Fabretti sent a letter to Apple’s CEO Tim cook asking for help in unlocking iPhone of his deceased son. It is reported that was only a copy of the electronic message.

“I will fight to get pictures, thoughts and words of my son for the last two months. They have become hostages of his iPhone,” wrote an Italian.

A boy named Lady, was adopted in Ethiopia nine years ago. In 2013, after the incident on skis, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. For the nine months before the death of Fabretti gave him the iPhone 6, which he actively used. But now all the pictures and videos were on your phone with a password, to which no one can access.

Six months ago the Italian appealed to the European division of Apple, but employees are unable to assist him in unlocking. Fabretti then decided to go personally to appeal to the General Director of the Corporation.

“Although I generally share your philosophy, but I think that Apple should offer a solution for such exceptional cases like me,” he wrote.

If Apple refuses to fulfill his request, Leonardo Fabretti considering to apply for help to the Israeli hackers, who is credited with the successful hacking of the iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino.

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