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The iPhone app will save Russia from the second trouble

The project of the Russian popular front “Road on the onf / Map of dead roads” is preparing a mobile application for iPhone and Android-devices, through which users can complain about the quality of Russian roads. This was stated by the co-founder of project Dmitry Copov.

Currently the app is in active development. It will allow “to report these problems as a failure of a hatch or grille livnestok pit on the road, erased markings”, and also to report hidden behind the foliage of the trees, road signs or broken traffic lights.

As stressed by the program coordinator, a member of the state Duma Committee on transport and building Alexander Vasiliev, “the project was created in order to unite the citizens and the government in addressing the issue of road policy.”

“Due to the fact that few citizens participate in the decision and the change in road policy in the regions, very often the money of regional funds are allocated absolutely not those needs. The situation with roads is not improving. Our project was created in order to unite the citizens and the government in addressing the issue of road policy,” – said at a press conference in TASS project coordinator,

Copov noted that initially runs a website where people can mention bad roads in your area and to vote for them. After gathering information from the Russians planned to meet local authorities and seek repair of roads according to popular ratings.

Vasilyev added that the project will be implemented in several stages. In particular, they have to first pass a preliminary vote, and then the final.

In July 2016 center of the Russian popular front “national expertise” was called the most dangerous roads of Russia. According to the rating, first place occupied the area South of the highway in Togliatti, the second — 246-th kilometer of highway M-2 “Crimea” in the Tula region. In third position was the 178-th km of highway M-5 “Ural” in the Ryazan region.

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