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The iPhone 7 Plus complained about the “black screen of death”

Some users the flagship smartphone, iPhone 7 Plus complained about unexpected problems with the camera module. The problem, dubbed the Network the “black screen of death”.

In some batches of iPhone 7 Plus there is a defect associated with the camera. Sometimes when starting the photo app, users see a black screen or the picture becomes unnatural green or purple.

“Today the camera in my iPhone 7 Plus ordered to live long. A quick Twitter search and Google confirmed that I’m not alone with this problem. I open the Camera app and see a black screen instead of the image from the lens. Sometimes I see the picture but it is painted in green or purple color. Once even there was an inscription “Attention iPhone need to cool down”, although the smartphone is not even warmed up,” he told a Reddit user under the nickname teryakiwok.

Sometimes gives a false warning about an overheating iPhone on and off, even if the device is in the cold. In this case the problem can not be solved neither by a reset nor reset the smartphone to its factory state.

teryakiwok contacted by other users who have found this problem to find out that after contacting support, Apple issues a new smartphone “due to a hardware failure”. Experts suggest that it is a defective ribbon cable that connects the camera module and motherboard.

Thus, to worry about the problem is not: the company will perform a free repair or replace a defective iPhone. All who faced the “black screen of death”, we recommend that you take the gadget to the nearest authorized service center.

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