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the iPhone 7 has become the most selling smartphone of the beginning of 2017

the iPhone 7 has become the world’s most popular smartphone in the beginning of this year, according to research company Kantar Worldpanel. Analytical Agency receives data from three dozen countries, including the US and China. The database includes more than several hundred manufacturers and more than 2,000 models of smartphones worldwide.

According to a report by Kantar, the most popular in the first quarter of 2017 became the flagship Apple smartphone. The company gives no figures on sales of the iPhone 7, but indicates that “seven” is a leader in most regions including USA and Europe. In the five largest European markets, shares of Apple Inc rose 2.4 percent to 22.7 percent.

Mobile platforms Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS finally surrendered and now the market is divided between Android and iOS. Moreover, the MWC 2017 was a clear indication of the inevitable transformation of the mobile OS market in the dominance of the two platforms. BlackBerry has introduced a smartphone Keyone, finally putting an end to proprietary BlackBerry OS, and Nokia, which in the past has been a staunch ally of Windows Phone, under the banner of “green robot”.

According to the survey, the most popular iPhone is in Japan, where Apple’s share is 49.5%. In Australia the “Apple” brand is also one of the most popular, he owns a 42.4% market share.

But more important for the cupertinos market position Apple has shaken the company’s share has decreased over the year by 8.4%. This is largely due to the fact that in rural areas of China users buy their first smartphone and choose more affordable solutions to local brands. In the major cities of China iPhone 7 remains the most popular phone.

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