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The iPhone 7 Barack Obama not call functions, camera, and music playback

The U.S. President, who will soon leave his post, were talking about a iPhone, taking part in the evening show on ABC. The American leader has made this evening show with Jimmy Kimmela. As it turned out, the American President uses the iPhone 7, but not quite normal.

Externally, it is an ordinary iPhone with the same features as in the standard model from Apple. The difference is in the software that was installed on the presidential smartphone.

Obama revealed some details of the gadgets, which are strongly reduced in scope. Thus, the camera module in the smartphone is completely disabled, like the ability to call and send SMS. Disabled messenger and iMessage, you can’t even listen to music. Obama complained that his smartphone is the only access to the Internet, and one limited by e-mail.

“I have it has the ability to send e-mail, do not use the instant messengers — all of these features disabled. Now I have an iPhone. But my specifically more similar to the one that you would give your two-year-old. Buttons are pressed, but nothing happens. My phone has no call functions, camera, music play… All we have is the Internet, e-mail and weather. My rule for all the presidency was the next. I’m sure my e-mail ever still read it. So I never sent e-mail, which ever could be the headlines,” the story of Obama.

Barack Obama has long known of their loyalty to the Apple technology. It was repeatedly noticed with the MacBook or iPad.

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