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the iPhone 5s survived a fall from a height of 800 meters

A resident of Canada Jenny Buck held the ultimate drop test iPhone 5s. According to her, she accidentally dropped the smartphone from the cockpit of an airplane, after which the unit was in safe and sound.

The tank was in a light twin aircraft which was operated by her and her pilot. Swings with the pressure of the air caused a slight displacement of the aircraft door. Through the crack popped up the iPhone. The device fell to the ground from a height of over 750 meters.

Later Tank used the service Find My iPhone and found smartphone. The device lay in the grass without a single scratch on the case and continued to work. As proof, she posted the device right after its discovery.

Jenny Buck also said that after such a “miraculous” rescue decided to put a ringtone with the song “Staying Alive” (“alive”).

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