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the iPad mini became the most popular tablet Apple iPad Pro, the share reached 12%

Despite the fact that in recent years Apple has produced several new kinds of iPad, the iPad mini recently were the most popular. This is evidenced by the survey research firm CIRP.

According to the report, in 2015 the share of the 7.9-inch iPad mini different generations among tablets, Apple has grown from 32 to 47%, making them the most common among all the existing versions of the iPad. The share of the 9.7-inch models of the iPad Air does not exceed 40%.

Among compact “tablets” Apple’s most popular iPad mini 2, released in 2013. This tablet has preserved the form factor of the original model with a display of 7.9 inches, but has an improved Retina display with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The “heart” of the device is 2-core processor Apple A7, the same chip used in iPad Air and iPhone 5s. According to Localytics, the technical specifications have played in consumer choice not the last role. What is more, every new release improvements became less dramatic.

On the second place by popularity among the compact models – the iPad mini 4, which debuted last year. iPad mini 3 is not interesting because of minor differences compared to its predecessor: the fingerprint scanner Touch ID and the gold colour didn’t convince consumers to part with their money.

As for the iPad Pro, the share this device among all the tablets Apple is 12%. According to analysts, this is a good start for a brand new model.

Sales of the iPad declined in all three quarters of 2015. According to analysts IDC, the iPad Pro due in 2016, Apple expects a slight increase, followed by a period of stagnation.

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Observers are of the opinion that the company from Cupertino itself to blame for the decline in demand for iPad. “When Apple to produce line of smartphones with a large screen like iPhone 6 Plus, the company was fully aware of the possible “tjedana” stake in sales of the iPad, argue experts. In the end, when the phones with large screens satisfy consumer demand for entertainment, why would they buy a “tablet”?”

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