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The inhabitant of Vorkuta ordered iPhone for 7000 rubles and received the parcel with sawdust

Not always favorable at first glance, the offer is really. Another victim of the Scam became a resident of Vorkuta.

According to the interior Ministry in the Komi Republic, law enforcement authorities asked local resident born in 1974 stating that her son committed the fraud. According to her, the teenager saw the Internet for information about selling a cheaper iPhone. He contacted the so-called the seller and learned that the expensive mobile phone seller is willing to sell for only 7000 rubles. He couldn’t resist, and hurried to make a purchase. Not embarrassed such a low price he doesn’t even asked the seller what the supply.

When the mail came the long-awaited box, the customer’s mother suspected something was wrong, took it in my hands in too much of a lightweight she was. However, she paid the package in full. When vorkutinsky in anticipation opened the package, smartphone it was not. Instead of the gadget seller Apple sent them sawdust.

For fraud investigators opened a criminal case under part 2 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. An investigation is underway.

This fraud case is not the first in recent times. At the end of March, the victim was a resident of one of the Chinese cities. Seeing online advertisements for the sale of iPhone 6s in just 230 dollars, he could not resist, and hurried to make a purchase. In the parcel instead of the smartphone he found the pancake. Considering that this is a mistake, the victim tried to contact the seller, but it’s gone. The police told him to find a cheater is almost impossible.

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