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The inhabitant of the Lipetsk region sued “Coherent” more than 100 000 rubles for the iPhone 6 with the “dead” battery

The history of a “Connected” started at the inhabitant of the Lipetsk region Natalia Likhacheva with unfortunate events. Last fall, departed this life the grandfather of her son. A few days before his death he gave the order. All money is saved the man stored in a shed, where he led the relatives. He told his grandson to buy any phone on these savings. The pensioner managed to delay more than 27 000 rubles.

Of course, the relatives of the men could not disobey his last will. Adding a little bit of money the boy went to choose a phone. Student choice fell on the iPhone 6 for almost 32 000. Place to buy smartphone turned out to be the shop “Svyaznoy”. Three days after purchasing a family Likhatsevich realized that the phone is defective. The device is practically “held” charge. And then began the ordeal that lasted almost a year.

“At the end of October 2014 I went to the salon “Coherent” to write a complaint and give the phone for warranty repair. Even at this stage already experiencing difficulties: staff lounge made me with a baby to stand in line for 1.5 hours. Filling the official form of the company, I saw violations of my rights. In the document it was stated that I waive the replacement machine, even though I had not intended to do that. Correcting the form, I gave it to the staff lounge. However, then “the Messenger” somewhere “lost” my claims”, – told Gorod48 publish Natalia Lihacheva.

Realizing that “the Messenger” is going to play with his client in “football”, the customer has addressed in Lipetsk branch of Federal service. There not getting real help, she came to the conclusion – only the court. Choice in legal support fell on public organization on protection of consumer rights “consumers ‘ League”.

“Throughout the situation, we see deliberate substitution of concepts “Connected”. The story of the iPhone 6 revealing. My doveritelnyi repeatedly written complaints that were not dealt with properly. In the end, “the Messenger” still took the unit for repair, but returned to the consumer a completely different phone, probably already used. But where did the iPhone 6 schoolboy, with his personal data, contacts, correspondences and photographs is unknown,” – said the head of the “consumers League” Alexander Tishchenko.

In his arguments, the lawyer indicated to the court that “the Messenger” instead of the repaired replaced device, that is, not fulfill the requirement of the consumer. The court sided with the consumer. With all the penalties and compensation history from iPhone 6 “the Messenger” was ordered to pay over 100,000 rubles. The company with the decision disagreed and demanded a revision of the Lipetsk regional court.

“We were ready to sue the company. To be fair, the “Messenger” of special interest did not show. The lawyer was only the first meeting, and then communicated with the court by mail. But at this time I have not once called “Coherent” and were “intimate” conversations,” – said Natalia Lihacheva, alluding to threats by the company.

At the trial the representatives of the “Liaison” did not show up today. The Board has determined that the findings of the trial court totally legal. The judicial “Troika” changed just one thing in the solution: from nowhere iPhone 6 replacement, the customer will return only after obtaining “Connected” all of the provisions of money.

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