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The inhabitant of Moldova has placed the ad on the exchange of kidneys on the iPhone 7

In the Internet appeared the unusual announcement from a potential owner of the iPhone 7. As informs local edition of Sputnik, the inhabitant of Moldova has offered to exchange his kidney for a brand new smartphone Apple.

The author said that he “wants to keep up with the times” and be “fashionable”. He also mentioned low wages in the country and the rapid development of technology. That is why he decided on such an exchange.

Seriously, whether the user wrote, is unknown, since the ad is already deleted. Perhaps the exchange even took place.

As told to the psychologist, each person has his own value. Overall, in her opinion, the world is now the main role is played by wealth.

According to the psychologist, these ads have already been in the world and even hosted one such “exchange” in China. Then the teenager sacrificed his body in exchange for an expensive gadget. “We need to understand what is important to the person that it is value. All of them are individual. For some it’s family, and for someone to tangible assets,” she said. The interviewee explained that the choice of the people varies with age.

According to the specialist, for children’s toys, for teenagers, a fashionable smartphone.

“Given the situation of our people and our country, these values show the importance of the individual in society. Because of this it will be respected in his social group,” she said.

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