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The impressions-battery Apple for iPhone after two weeks of use

Recently on sale there was the first Apple brand case with a built-in battery — Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and 6s. Evil tongues have already dubbed it the most ridiculous gadget company, like, tear a hundred dollars is not clear why. Browser Tdaily within two weeks used the accessory, and argues that case-battery Apple is a necessity.

Apple created the cover to ensure additional protection from mechanical damage and to extend the autonomy of the devices. Below are five benefits brand enhancement Smart Battery Case.

1. Apple Smart Case Battery surprisingly ergonomic

With him though, and the iPhone increases in size, but not pregnant is like a locomotive: the thickness is maintained at an acceptable level, and when you hold the smartphone in the case of the conversation, the difference with the ordinary silicone case disappears, because the projection on the case falls in the palm curvature and top and bottom thickness is the same as in ordinary cases. The width of the smartphone remains unchanged, so those who need long-running iPhone, now can not buy a huge phablet iPhone 6s Plus.

The haptics silicone case is just as enjoyable as his counterparts without built-in battery. The only problem is the headphones are connected. Branded Earpods plug goes into the hole in the bottom of the case without any problems, but many plugs from other manufacturers don’t.

2. Case Smart Battery convenient to take off and put on

Apple is positioning it not as a unique case, which you’ll wear without removing, but as a solution for those days that you will be particularly actively to use your iPhone — for example, on a trip, when you know exactly what the capacity of the internal battery is not enough. The rest of the time you can use a thin and light case without the battery. The upper part is made of bendable Apple Case: flick of the wrist you push it to the side and inserting and removing the iPhone without the risk to break the Lightning connector.

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3. Apple Smart Battery can be recharged from any external battery

The case-Apple battery can be charged separately from the iPhone. The body is built small led, indicating the status of the charging process. This is done to ensure that discharged case does not bind you to a power outlet. Fully charging the case takes just over an hour. If you charge the case with iPhone inserted into it, first always charge the battery of the smartphone, and why of the case. Upon discharge, always first is spent the battery cover.

4. Integration with iOS

Unlike non-genuine cases and external batteries, entangling you in wires, when connecting a smartphone cover not think that it is connected to an external power source; the battery icon is moving, and just remains at 100% until you sit the battery cover. While the charge of both batteries is displayed on the smartphone screen. If we connect the charged to discharged iPhone case, then the battery case will be “pumped” into the battery of the smartphone, that is going to charge.

5. iPhone Apple does not turn off in the cold

Apparently, it creates additional heat insulation and a battery on the handset does not fall below the critical temperature.

Overall Smart Battery Case increases the battery life of the iPhone 6s is about twice. And if without a smartphone cover that works in an intensive mode, can be discharged after lunch, the case was physically impossible to go without an iPhone until late in the evening. Anyone with all of life flows in smart phone, Apple Smart Battery required — this is the best solution to the problem with autonomy.

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