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The iDisplay app to transform your iOS device into an additional screen for PC temporarily became free

Popular cross-platform app iDisplay allows you to display your computer image on the screen of the iPhone or iPad temporarily became free. The usual price of apps in the App Store is 1490 rubles.

If you don’t have enough workspace on the screen of your Mac or Windows PC, do not have to buy a second monitor – can display it on your iPad or iPhone. App iDisplay is designed for this purpose, it turns your mobile device into a second PC monitor.

On the primary device you must install a server-client to be downloaded on the developer site, the second app from the App store. The smartphone, the tablet and the computer must be connected to the same wireless network.

The app will automatically detect which devices in the local network includes a server-client iDisplay, and show them on the screen. Here you specify the USB connection.

After selecting the device server client on the computer will prompt you for permission to connect. If such permission is given, on the mobile device screen will shows a second desktop.

It is possible to move from the main monitor window of any open program. Control it is your mouse, touchpad, keyboard or fingers on the touch screen.

iDisplay can be used to monitor the messages on Twitter, to chat, to watch videos, work with e-mail client and other software.

Download iDisplay for iPhone and iPad at this link.

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