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The hunt for violators of Parking rules will reward a user for the exposed fines

The app “Assistant of Moscow”, thanks to which inhabitants of capital can inform on non-compliance of Parking rules, learned to fix violations signs “Parking and stopping forbidden”. Soon the developers promise to run the control of Parking on pavements and pedestrian crossings.

The app “Assistant of Moscow” about six months ago issued capital Department of transport. The system has proved effective, but without the flaws still not done.

Initially, the program could only control the drivers who have not paid their Parking. App made to help paranormalism and Hiking inspectors that monitor the payment of city Parking. For the past six months, the program significantly modified. As told journalists the Deputy mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov, after the update released a few days ago, users can directly inform the traffic police about the cars, standing under the prohibitory signs. All of these signs, existing in Moscow, brought together with the road network in the electronic map of the city, connected to “Assistant”.

To report a violation, the car must be photographed from different angles – detailed instructions are in the program to see the license plate and road sign whose requirements are violated. The application automatically detects the number will be tied to the geotag, and send the traffic police for the issuance of the order. Actually at this point the tablet or phone responsible Muscovite will turn into a camera like the one installed on the roads and watch for traffic violations. In the traffic police photo email will be a standard procedure, and the violator will receive a notification about the appropriate penalty.

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As she noted, “the Assistant of Moscow” – the only one in town the app has passed the certification for accuracy and correctionist data, making reports of violations made with the help of this program, are regarded not as citizens, but as a basis for issuing the fine. However, the high precision with which the application is running, allows you to run it only on high-end smartphones and tablets.

The app is very popular. The project was tied to “Active citizen” and now for traffic awareness bonuses – 200 points for each exposed and the fine to 2,000 points for some of the achievements. They can be exchanged for different bonuses from the city, for example on hours of free Parking.

In the near future, as promised by the developers, the app will be able to find and Parking on pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, especially annoying pedestrians – these functions users are asked to add a very long time.

According to Liksutov, this year needs to finish, and city application for ground transportation. It will be able to create routes and to inform about the arrival time of the bus, trolleybus and tram.

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