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The history of the seven Apple fans who have abandoned Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was the most successful model on the market. Sales of “smart” watches Apple in the US for the day surpassed all competitors based on Android Wear for the year of 2014. However, some users after a certain time after the purchase of refuse from the device.

Edition Siliconrus published an article in which collected the opinions of Apple fans, for one reason or another ceased to wear the Apple Watch. The biggest cause discontent, the limited capacity of the gadget and the low battery life.

The author of the review claims that the idea for this collection came to him after he read the confession Vanessa Friedman, fashion Director of the New York Times. He found several similar stories in the Network, although not as much as expected.

Vanessa Friedman, New York Times:

“I waive its Apple Watch. Our relationship was, despite all expectations, not what I needed. The buzz around the event in San Francisco and the next big innovation from Apple (streaming!) made me realize that it’s not mine.

But I will never regret those weeks that we spent together. They helped me to understand about myself something important. Well, for example, that I don’t want to depend on the talking thing on my wrist”.

— June 10, 2015

Jay Yarrow, Business Insider:

“After only one month with the Apple Watch I’m ready to move on — if anyone wants to buy them from me at a good price”.

— June 4, 2015

Chris Walters, policygenius:

“Don’t put that measures the time in a device that forces the user to wait.”

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“No need to create a device that shuts down when I try to use it”.

“In my world, these two rules are obvious even to the baby. But Apple thinks otherwise, and, therefore, the Apple Watch is a beautiful thing that at a fundamental level is contrary to my design principles and sense of beauty. And that’s why after two weeks of communicating with Apple Watch Sport I’m bringing them back.”

— May 25, 2015

Mark Sullivan, Venturebeat:

“Apple Watch for me personally already had several shortcomings — even before I was wearing them. I don’t like to wear something on your wrist. I also had doubts about to add another technological device in my life to distract me…

In the end, I decided that the Apple Watch doesn’t deserve a place on my wrist. At the time, as I appreciate elegant design and hardware, and apps, I actually don’t miss the Apple Watch when not wearing them.”

— May 15, 2015

Colin Berkshire, TalkingPointz:

“I was one of the first who received the Apple Watch. It is not surprising, given that I have an iPhone 6 Plus, MacBook Pro Retina and a 27-inch iMac with 5K display in the office. I’m a fan of Apple, And, of course, I ordered the Apple Watch. And I hate them. Absolutely hate them.

I really can endlessly enumerate the reasons. I hate them. After a few days I realized that I just don’t use them. Thanks though, I returned the money.”

— May 15, 2015

Ray Sharma, Toronto Globe and Mail:

“Before you buy the Apple Watch, I was hoping that they would be a device that will truly take us into the new world of “Internet of things” and will proclaim a new generation of software development.

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But this did not happen”.

— May 14, 2015

Scott Kelby ‘ Photoshop Insider:

“I can’t believe it’s come to this, but after less than two weeks and I either have to throw the Apple Watch and back to my Fossil, or buy a second pair of the Apple Watch because the battery life destroys all the fun.

If I had the second watch, I would keep one pair on the charge, and changed them every day or something, so one of them would always be charged. I’m not kidding”.

— May 8, 2015

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