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The history of the case for iPhone for $150 million, or Russian tablet that failed

Anatoly Chubais in his microblog on Twitter said that the project “Rosnano” on the development of the “Russian iPad” has been brought to release to the market. At the same time, the product to which it refers, is not than other, as the case company popSLATE with an ink display for smartphones iPhone 6.

“We all remember our failure with tablet? But we still brought the project to commercial products. See: and this is only the beginning!”, – posted by Chubais. In the following tweet he misspoke, provided that the link does not open from Twitter. “Apparently, this my link doesn’t open from Twitter. Try this at that time:” – he added.

We are talking about the release of iPhone 6 with its own battery and screen, which is also as in the case of YotaPhone 2, the long long to hold before the eyes of the SMS message, e-mail, incoming notifications, maps, charts, lists, or notes. Black and white screen can be used to read e-books and view photos.

popSLATE is a partner of other company Plastic Logic, which RUSNANO in 2011 invested $150 million was Assumed that the money will be spent on the construction of the plant, which will deliver flexible displays for tablets Chubais is a Russian analogue of the iPad for students. The facility would be located in Zelenograd.

In 2012 it became known that the construction was postponed indefinitely, and the company Plastic Logic, in principle, refuses to campaign for the development and production of its own tablet computers and e-readers.

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Obviously, the tweet Chubais is related to this failed project. It was unclear how cases for iPhone related with tablets is their only function is to conserve the battery. Screens allow you to perform a series of simple actions, such as writing notes or searching information without activating the main display of the smartphone, which consumes a lot of energy. In addition, the finished version screens only works with the iPhone 6. However, the producers promise to soon develop the same screens for line of Android smartphones.

The cost popSLATE iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 at the company’s site is 130 dollars.

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