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The head of Yota Devices: YotaPhone is comparable in terms of innovation with the iPhone

The head of the Russian company Yota Devices Vladislav Martynov in an interview with “the Zhongguo Jinji joking” compared YotaPhone with iPhone. According to a top Manager, two devices are close from the point of view of innovation. Russian product has a unique design – it rear display allows you to more conveniently read and during the conversation not to miss important information, Martynov said.

According to, about a half moon ago in China officially started sales of smartphones YotaPhone 2. The new product, designed by a Russian company, attracted the attention of consumers and shook the world’s largest market for smart mobile devices.

YotaPhone interested in Chinese lovers of electronic products its radically new design that combines in one device a front 4.3-inch LCD high resolution display and a rear display with electronic ink.

For some users the YotaPhone 2 has become more desirable and impressive in comparison with analogues. The smartphone has been criticized concerning the backwardness of its basic characteristics. In particular, the YotaPhone 2 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, amount of RAM 2 GB, internal memory 32 GB, there are two cameras — 2-megapixel front and 8-megapixel main. Retail price for the device in China is 4888 yuan – about $ 799.

According to Chinese experts, the YotaPhone 2 is very difficult to find a place on a crowded Chinese market. On the basic parameters of the YotaPhone is more attractive than the iPhone 6 and Samsung S6. For comparison, Samsung S4, LG G2 and other devices of the same class, and that the YotaPhone 2, which came on the market a year or two ago, are now only 1100-1900 yuan. Thus, the ratio of the specifications and the price of the YotaPhone 2 is clearly unsuccessful.

However, Vladislav Martynov convinced of the correctness of the price positioning of the product. According to him, the YotaPhone is very similar to the iPhone in that both devices have a high concentration of innovative ideas. “When the market appeared first smartphone from Apple, the price was considered too high, and now the production has received wide recognition,” he said.

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