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The Head Of Yandex.The weather has launched an iOS app for organizing the funeral Umer

In Russia announced the mobile app UMER for the funeral. The author is the head of the service “Yandex.Weather” Dmitry Geranin.

When entering data UMER will calculate the approximate cost of the funeral and offer a “good option of burial or cremation”. The service also will tell to the relatives of the deceased, what documents are needed for registration of a funeral.

The application itself will act as the aggregator: the burial Agency, working with the service, will offer users lower prices in exchange for the increased volume of orders.

In order to take advantage of UMER, you need to fill out a short form with information about who died, when it happened, what he was of religion and where it is necessary to approach the experts. After that you should choose, whether the person is buried or cremated, and to specify preferences for place of burial and to answer a few questions.

UMER calculate the approximate cost of the funeral, and then the user will contact the operator who will help to solve the remaining issues.

As noted by the Geranin, the app is his personal project and has nothing to do with “Yandex”. “I’m actually nervous showing you this. It seems that we have automated everything already, except death. Want to fix,” he said.

The developer will provide access to UMER for several months, as we complete negotiations with agencies.

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