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The head of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt was caught using an iPhone

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt had the temerity to get in public, a smartphone. As it turned out, the functionary is entirely “unpatriotic” device: photos from South Korea he poses with iPhone the hands.

This week a historic event: computer intelligence AlphaGo defeated the man in the second game against the world champion Korean Cedola that put Korean on the brink of defeat in the series. The manual and Google couldn’t miss this event. One of the guests was ex-CEO Eric Schmidt. He, of course, wanted to personally capture the victory of artificial intelligence over man, but have used not one of the Android phones and iPhone 6s.

According to many Western media, Eric Schmidt over the last few years is the face of Google, takes part in the work on the company’s products. Photos of Vice President of the search giant with the device main competitor of conflicting emotions. And many Android fans could not stand the betrayal and raised a turmoil in social networks.

However, Schmidt gets into a similar situation not for the first time. At a meeting with Prime Minister of India modi Naredra and Indra Nooyi from PepsiCo in 2013, he lit up with a BlackBerry phone. Then he admitted that he is a canadian user of the apparatus owing to the preference of a physical keyboard.

At the time, as such facts cause surprise to the public, Microsoft Vice President and head developer of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore believes that use of iPhone quite normal. According to him, to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the products of other manufacturers is possible only after detailed study. Maybe Google Chairman just been doing?

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