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The head of Sony Music confirmed the announcement of a music service at WWDC Apple Music

CEO of Sony Music’s Doug Morris at a technology conference Midem in Cannes confirmed the upcoming announcement of a new streaming service of Apple. “It will happen tomorrow,” said Morris, answering a reporter’s question about the plans of the American Corporation.

37-year-old Doug Morris is a close friend Jimmy Iovine, who joined Apple after the purchase by the company of headphone manufacturer Beats last year. Top Manager, however, did not specify details, limited to a confirmation of the upcoming announcement of Apple Music.

Top managers of the music industry believe that the launch of its own streaming service, Apple will become the turning point for streaming music, transforming it from a lot of the pioneers in mass trend. The Corporation will stimulate hundreds of millions of users of iPhone, iPad and Mac to switch to the subscription model, instead of downloading songs.

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans say that the company is willing to sacrifice his business for downloading songs from iTunes in favor of streaming music. The subscription model promises more revenue for both the Apple and record companies. Encouraged by Apple may, for example, include a proposal for customers who buy the album for $10, instead, to connect a monthly subscription for the same amount.

According to some reports, Russia will become one of the countries in which Apple will launch a music streaming service. According to insiders, Apple Music will start working in June and July of this year, simultaneously with the release of iOS 8.4. Russia is included in the plans for the launch of the first wave, said an employee of a large Western company. A source in another international company said that first, Apple will launch in Russia its iTunes Radio service.

WWDC kicks off on 8 June at 20.00 Moscow time. In addition to a new music service at the event is expected to show the operating systems iOS 9 and OS X 10.11.

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