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The head of Roskomnadzor personally require from Pavel Durov Telegram to register in the registry

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov going to personally contact the Creator of the messenger Telegram with the requirement to register the messenger in the registry of organizers of information dissemination (ARI). He reported about it to the edition “Interfax”.

According to Zharova, Pavel Durov still has not provided Roskomnadzor with the necessary information about the Telegram, so the Minister decided to talk with the Creator of the messenger.

“During the week I plan to contact him personally,” — said Zharov. He did not specify what the consequences would be for the messenger and its users, if you mingle with Durov he will not succeed.

In may media reported that the administrators Telegram-channels requested by the Creator of the messenger of Pavel Durov not to allow blocking of Telegram in Russia.

According to the applicant, Roskomnadzor sent a Telegram to the request for information about how to make messenger in the registry of the organizers of disseminating information. The administration of the Telegram did not respond to a request. Under the law, failure to submit relevant information, the messenger can be blocked in Russia.

16 may 2017 at the website there was a petition with a demand not to allow blocking of Telegram in Russia. If the actor refuses to provide data for inclusion in the registry, the Agency will have the right to block the service, stated in the petition.

In the Telegram, commenting on the possible blocking, said: “No government or intelligence Agency in the world has not received a single bit of information from us. Always will be”.

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