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The head of Qualcomm believes that Apple will offer to negotiate out of court

Qualcomm plans to settle patent lawsuit with Apple in court, reports Fortune. According to the head of the us chip maker the iPhone maker is unlikely to delay the trial, as this will lead to significant financial losses.

The head of Qualcomm Steve Mollenkopf sure that Apple has no choice but to pay.

“In fact, nothing new here. Such issues tend to be resolved out of court, and there’s no reason this time seemed different,” said Mollenkopf, noting that the parties had not yet come to concrete agreements.

At the beginning of the year, Apple accused Qualcomm of abusing a leading position in the market. The first complained that the provider demanded too high a fee for a license to use patents and prevent them to cooperate with other chip manufacturers.

In June, Apple has strengthened the legal attack on Qualcomm in its lawsuit. As reported in Cupertino stated that the license agreement manufacturers iPhone with Qualcomm was invalid.

Apple believes that Qualcomm is not entitled to take the money and for licensing agreements, and directly to the chip. That is, according to the iPhone maker, the partners of her opponent must pay one thing. Simply put, Apple wants to buy from Qualcomm modems without concluding license agreements.

In may, Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against four of Apple’s suppliers due to non-payment of royalties for the use of patented technologies. The list of respondents included Foxconn, Pegatron Corp., Wistron Corp. and Compal Electronics Inc. Moreover, the representatives of Qualcomm claimed that Apple has forbidden its suppliers to make payments to the address of the manufacturer of the chips until the judgment on the suit filed earlier by the Corporation from Cupertino.

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In July, Qualcomm demanded that the authorities ban the import of iPhone in the United States. The company said that the “Apple” giant violated six patents related to extension of lifetime of the smartphone.

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