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The head of Microsoft called the cause of the failure of Windows Phone

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told journalists opinion on what mistakes were made by the company, will not allow Windows Phone to take a significant share in the mobile market. He also spoke about plans for the future and promised not to turn the business on the production of smartphones.

Many worried the statement about Microsoft’s intentions to write off the money spent on the purchase of Nokia assets and reduce several thousand employees in the relevant unit. Someone described these activities as a demonstration of intent to move away from the production of mobile devices. However, in an interview with ZDNet CEO Nadella told that the mobile division of Microsoft will continue to exist. According to the top Manager, the company will focus on three main segments: affordable smartphones, the flagship and corporate devices.

The CEO admitted that the main mistake Microsoft made in the past, is the centralisation of the PC in the device list of the user. All this time in Redmond focused on improving computer products, without attaching much importance to the development of the market of mobile devices. What Microsoft and paid the price, finishing lately a tiny fraction of the world’s mobile market – share company in the field of production and sales of smart phones is only 3%.

According to Nadella, the main gadget of the modern man – the smartphone, and remain the most popular handset with a 6-inch display. However, Microsoft does not intend to concentrate on devices of a certain size. In addition, the company does not wish to be present in smartphones only your applications, it will offer users a “cloud” environment to store your data with synchronization on different devices owned by the same owner.

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Microsoft also hopes to attract the attention of business users with new smartphones running Windows 10. Specific application and particular attention to information security – that’s what distinguishes these devices from consumer grade products.

HoloLens also will be widely used by corporate customers, although the points of augmented reality from Microsoft find a decent application and gaming industry.

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