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The head of Huawei: don’t understand why you need a smart watch when there are smartphones

The head of Huawei Eric Xu Zhijun not believe in the prospects of “smart” watches and believes that these devices there is a great future, reports South China Morning Post. According to a top Manager, he does not see much sense in this type of electronics.

The words of the CEO of Huawei was one of the questions asked him at Global analyst summit Huawei, which was held in Shenzhen.

“I always wonder, why do we need smart watches when we already have smartphones,” said Xu Zhijun, General Manager of the company, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smart devices.

The reason for the question for the head of Huawei was recently presented with a new “smart” watch Huawei Watch 2. They not only have a complete set of features for fitness and a set of sensors for tracking physical activity, but at the expense of the slot for the SIM card and supporting LTE can make phone calls without using a smartphone.

As it turned out, he Xu Zhijun was never a fan of this sort of gadgets. According to him, it is difficult to understand why you need a smart watch and added that he will never wear this type of gadgets. He sees no need for a smart watch, because the initial assessment of the possible demand for them far exceeded the actual figures of sales.

Also Xu Zhijun said that when it receives new ideas from engineers about “clever” hours, it always starts to ask questions about their real use. In fact, the Director-General sees no point in a smart watch, if they don’t offer any new features compared to the smartphones.

“When the team Huawei, busy developing a smart watch, with great enthusiasm, telling me about their new ideas, I do not cease to remind them of what should be considered, whether the market real need for such devices” — said the head of Huawei.

Statement of the top Manager may seem very strange, because Huawei itself produces two models of smart hours on Android Wear. Second, Huawei Watch 2, appeared two years after the release of the first generation in March 2015. In fact, his words are close to the truth, because “smart” watches are sold not as good as expected. Even, seemingly, destined to succeed the Apple Watch sold in fairly limited quantities compared to the iPhone.

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