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The head of Huawei called 4 GB of RAM sufficient for Android smartphones and encouraged to be on the iPhone

The main competitive advantage in the segment of Android smartphones are considered as specifications. More pixels, cores, more gigahertz. Last year saw the debut of the smartphone Xplay 5 Elite who first got 6 GB of RAM. Then there was the device with the same RAM from Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi. On the approach of the model with 8 GB of RAM.

Of course, to talk seriously about the possibilities of Android smartphones with 8 GB of RAM, it is still too early, need to wait for performance tests. However, the operating Director of one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of smartphones Huawei Lao Shi said that he does not consider it necessary to increase the amount of RAM. In this sense, according to him, the Android manufacturers should be on the iPhone.

On the question of how much RAM is needed for a smartphone, a Huawei representative said that 4GB is enough, the appliance will work as efficiently as possible. Internal tests have shown that one and the same device with SoC Kirin 960 in some scenarios, works better with 4GB than with 6 GB of RAM, said Shi. He added that the key to success lies in the optimization of the operating system. Top Manager recalled the iPhone that work very quickly and smoothly with a small amount of RAM. The iPhone 7 has “only” 2 GB, and the iPhone 7 Plus – 3 GB of RAM.

Shi added that the owner of a smartphone with 6 GB of RAM will feel more comfortable, but only from a psychological point of view, since, in practice, this memory is nothing. He noted that the extra Gigabyte increase the cost of the smartphone which buyers must pay.

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Huawei launched its own smartphones with 6 GB of RAM, but, according to Lao Shi, this is due to the need to compete with other manufacturers.

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