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The head of “Euroset”: Samsung is not Apple, but they don’t understand

Samsung is not worth it to compare your brand and its perception by the consumers with the Apple brand. This opinion in an interview with Vc was expressed by the head of Euroset Alexander Malis. According to him, customers should not have to look for a in retail South Korean gadgets as it comes with iPhone, but Samsung, it seems, don’t understand it.

Last year “the Euronetwork” has completely refused purchases of Samsung gadgets, and then exchanged with with lawsuits. When discussing the conflict, the head of “Euroset” Alexander Malis said that the South Korean manufacturer “builds unreasonable retail politics.”

“Samsung made a bid for certain sales channels, thinking that they can provide access to all buyers and in reality this is not happening. We know that 50% of their sales are to the MTS. In fact, they spit on other consumers, thinking that they’re like Apple — that consumers will lift your ass and go look for their smartphones in the MTS. When Samsung will realize that they are not Apple, they can talk. With all respect to them,” said Malis.

The head of Euroset said that because of the situation in the economy is now the main demand has shifted to smartphones cost 6-15 thousand rubles. “Brands are more or less even distribution between Lenovo, Fly, ZTE, Alcatel — everything that people need. Apple sells well, – said a top Manager. – During the crisis more and more people do not want to overpay for nothing. Accordingly, in the foreground stands the question of the quality of the proposal: a person wants to buy a good thing, but not expensive”.

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The idea of production in Russia Russian smartphone Malis is skeptical. According to him, Russians like to use your head and not your hands.

“In Russia it is impossible to mass production, which requires a sufficient amount of manual labor. Robots can be supplied. The Russians, in principle, not able to do repetitive work with your hands. To develop something he is able to make experienced model. We have all the creative population. But mass production… Russia never was famous. In the textile industry is in some degree possible, but not in the field of technology. If robots are to make — Yes, if people don’t,” said Malis.

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