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The head of Disney has called the Apple TV a better world TV interface

CEO of Disney and a member of the Board of Directors Apple Bob iger thinks the interface for Apple TV television the most intuitive interface in the industry. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg.

The representative of the cartoon Studio believes the release of Apple TV fourth generation good event for Disney. According to him, thanks to a successful user interface, the device is very easy to use and great for content producers.

“This may be considered outdoor advertising Apple, but the Apple TV is the most convenient of all that I have ever seen on a television device, said iger. – For us as owners and creators of intellectual property and content, is good news”.

Bob iger joined the Apple Board of Directors in 2011. He also owns shares of the company worth several million dollars.

The history of the Apple TV intended to broadcast content from the Apple ecosystem, in particular movies and series, as well as online video on the TV screen, began almost 9 years ago. In the early fall of 2015, the company introduced the fourth generation of this device. The most significant change in the last generation was the possibility of installing additional software, changing not only the set of its functions, but also the positioning of the device.

In March this year, iger admitted that in 2006, Steve jobs spoke to him about the return of cancer in less than an hour before Disney announced the purchase of Pixar. Top Manager three years kept secret the information about the state of health of the founder of Apple. According to iger, he thought about the consequences of his decision, because the regulators require to disclose information about the health of the owners of large companies. Deal worth $ 7 billion have made jobs the largest shareholder of Disney.

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