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The head called the Powermat wireless charging “a standard feature in the next iPhone”

Rumors that the next-generation iPhone will receive support wireless charging has gained grounds after the Apple at the beginning of 2017 has joined the Consortium wireless electromagnetic energy (Wireless Power Consortium). Today the head of the largest developer of wireless solutions Powermat Elad Dubzinski said that the technology for charging without wires “will be the standard” in the new Apple smartphones.

“With the recent announcement of Apple about the fact that wireless charging would be a standard feature in the next iPhone, our technology will finally become mainstream,” – said a top Manager. What about the Apple announcement said a representative of the Powermat is not specified. Perhaps the company from Cupertino have made it a private event or informally. Whatever it was, it received another confirmation that the new iPhone can be charged wirelessly.

Earlier there were rumors that Apple is developing technology remote charging range of up to 5 meters. When using it don’t even need to put iPhone on a special station. Later, however, it was reported that “Apple” giant, like other manufacturers, is going to use a regular inductive charging. According to some reports, the wireless charger included with the iPhone will not go — it probably can be purchased separately.

Probably the first Apple is really going to equip the iPhone 2017 support charging using radio frequency waves, however, as stated by analysts IHS Technology, this company would take too much time. “The success of the adoption of wireless charging among the Apple competitors is that Apple can no longer ignore, said analysts. — Consumer survey from IHS Technology shows that more than 90% of users want to support wireless charging for their next devices.”

If the rumors prove true, it would mean that to fill battery iPhone 8 will need to put on a special charging pillow.

Currently Apple is among the 213 members of the Wireless Power Consortium, together with Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. Magnetic resonance technology that can charge mobile gadgets in the air, is one of the most promising to date. The most common Qi standard, which is responsible for developing, WPC for inductive energy transmission to a distance of 4 cm.

The wireless power consortium is promoting a single standard for wireless charging, however this does not mean that Apple will use this Protocol entirely. Support Qi standard power supply, equipped and smart watch Apple Watch, but the device uses a modified version of the Protocol, which it may not work with other chargers. Probably in the case with the new iPhone the company is going to do the same.

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