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“The harsh Russian import substitution”: netizens criticized the “killer” of Skype from “Rostelecom”

This week “Rostelecom” has launched an application for sharing audio and video calls, which will potentially replace foreign messengers. the Russian equivalent of Skype available to owners of devices on iOS and Android. As it turned out, in order to register in the messenger of JSC “Rostelecom”, it is necessary to visit the office of the company.

Head of Hi-Tech Mail.Ru Dmitry Ryabinin tried to install domestic messenger, but learned that just because it do not work. “To make full use of messenger” to go to the office with your passport.

“To make full use of the new Patriotic messenger, to go to a physical office with a passport. Looking for employee to give him your account and sign a contract. I’m not kidding. Moreover, the office in Moscow only two, both not persistent, i.e. it should be strictly in working hours”, – quotes the words Sostav Ryabinin.

A screenshot of the message from “Rostelecom”:

Co-Founder Eugene Meschanov also convinced that the Russian messenger cannot be used without signing in “Rostelecom”.

“After registering I was sent a SMS with usernames/passwords, and offered to go with the passport to the office of Rostelecom, to Hello I have earned a full. And innovation!”, – he wrote.

By the way, these messages will not all registered. Some users of Facebook say that “the story is murky”, and “Rostelecom” offers them to visit the office. Commentator Sergey Ryabinin szulik wrote that he received a totally different message.

“For the sake of interest checked and got this (see enclosure). The fact that app – but th* – Yes, but the magical properties attributed to products only from government agencies *this country* is not necessary”.

In the same situation were still a few people:

Messenger “Hello” “Rostelecom” was released this week. It was assumed that he would become the Russian analog of Skype and press the competitors on the domestic market. The owner assigns a Russian number with the city code, and it allows you to make international calls at fixed rates. Communication inside the application is free.

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