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The hacker who stole naked photos of celebrities from iCloud, was imprisoned for a year and a half

In the US convicted 36-year-old Ryan Collins from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which carried out a large-scale hacker attack on iCloud users. The result of Collins millions of Internet users saw intimate pictures of Hollywood celebrities, including Kirsten dunst, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and others.

The next 18 months, Ryan Collins will spend in prison. The court found him guilty of the theft of personal photos of more than a hundred American women: he gained access to the iCloud accounts 50 and 72 mailboxes Gmail, most of which belonged to famous women.

From November 2012 to September 2014, the American sent an email letter on behalf of Apple and Google, who were asked to send user names and passwords from accounts. The data obtained Ryan Collins used to log into the accounts from which they stole photos of people in the Nude.

Previously, the FBI uncovered a portion of the testimony provided by victims of theft stars. Celebrities referred to only by initials. Some reported that part of the leaked photos stored on their smartphones, but nobody has been sent. The victims confirmed that they were coming phishing emails. This is consistent with the statement made by Apple after the appearance of photos in the network. The company said that the leak of personal data not linked to a vulnerability in iCloud, but was the result of phishing hacker attacks. The statement was a response to recent media speculation about how it could be done by hacking accounts.

Frank private photos of celebrities leaked online efforts unknown attackers in early September 2014. The Prosecutor demanded to sentence Collins to five years in prison.

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