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The Hacker Serge decided to deceive the programmer, but, I got no iPhone

Recently in the Network is walking a new kind of fraud: under the guise of the victim ask the person to log in to iCloud, and then enable lost mode, setting a password on the device, and ask for money password. Nizhny Novgorod developer Artem Kulikov has told how he managed to outwit one such scammer.

The stranger under the guise of “Xenia” and the avatar model Diana Malison wrote Kulikov, asking him to change the password from iCloud. The logic of scams as noted by Meduza, is to force the man to switch the account on your iPhone or iPad provided. Immediately after this gadget remotely blocked, then the victim to ransom.

But Artem did not enter the data provided in the iPhone, and logged in on the website with laptop. There he saw that the device of the swindler called “iPhone SeReGa H@CK3R” that’s not very consistent with “Ksenia”.

To punish the cheater, Kulikov blocked the device and changed the password. He also brought to the screen in “hacker Serega” label “Cheaters must suffer!”.

“Ksyusha” instantly revealed the iPhone that was “stolen”. The incident she was not happy.

Now the hacker Serega don’t have an iPhone.

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