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The government supported the bill on millions of fines for fakes in social networks

The government Commission supported the Duma a bill that requires social networks and instant messaging under threat of fines to remove the fakes within days after their detection. The amount of the fine for individuals will range from 3 to 5 million rubles for legal entities it will be much higher — from 30 to 50 million rubles.

As reported by “Vedomosti”, in the opinion of the government lists several serious flaws in the proposed version of the bill. In particular, social networks and instant messengers want to be required to remove “false information” at the request of the user. But the definition of “false information” in the laws there.

The document is also not spelled out method of counting users of the social network, which is necessary to decide which social networks and messengers must obey the law. According to the text of the bill, it applies only to resources with the number of users more than 2 million

Also, the bill lacks description of procedure, which will allow users to challenge the removal of their published information. According to officials, the final decision rests with the court.

The period of one day to delete information the government considered too short. In addition, the bill could lead to significant financial burdens for social networking, which many foreign companies leave the Russian market, according to the government.

In addition, the bill contains a provision on the establishment of branches of foreign social networks and messengers in Russia, but the status of such missions is unclear.

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12 July 2017 the deputies of “United Russia” in the Duma introduced a bill which obliges social networks and instant messengers to receive complaints on information “is clearly aimed at propaganda of war, incitement to national, racial or religious hatred and enmity” and false or defaming someone’s honor and reputation data. These messages must be removed during the day.

If the service does not fulfill the requirement for the day, he faces a fine in the amount from 3 million to 5 million rubles for individuals and from 30 million to 50 million rubles for legal entities. In “Vkontakte”, has called the demands unrealistic, as the social network cannot introduce moderated and check all messages for validity.

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