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The government is discussing the introduction of penalties for illegal downloading Russian films

Currently, Russian officials are discussing the possibility of introducing a system of penalties for users of illegal content. As reported by RNS, it is assumed that the definition of fact that the downloading will be done by IP address, then the offender will receive a fine.

Earlier, the Ministry of culture has developed amendments to the antipiracy law, offering pre-trial blocking of websites that distribute pirated content, but the Ministry of telecommunications and the Internet community did not support such a proposal.

According to the source, if the initiative blocking sites that publish illegal content, will not work, it is planned to discuss the German version. Currently, the practice of fines for end users is used in Germany where the maximum fine for downloading illegal content is up to €1 000.

The source noted that this is similar to paid Parking. “Defines the IP address that is used for the calculation of a home or business address, comes the penalty,” he said and added that the technical side of the issue should be worked out.

According to reports, in the preliminary inter-Agency consultations we are talking only about the possible introduction of a system of fines for illegal downloads of national film production – pictures with the identity of a national film.

“There are two ways to block sites and to penalize the user. The second is more effective, but it is necessary to understand the social consequences,” – said the source.

The Ministry of culture confirmed that familiar with the initiative to discuss the possibility of introducing a system of penalties for users, but noted that no formal advice on the topic was conducted.

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