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The government is considering the elimination of “SKOLKOVO” because of inefficiency

In Moscow held a meeting of the expert Council under the government of the Russian Federation, devoted to the reformation of the system of innovation development in Russia; the current system, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev admitted not effective enough.

At the meeting of the expert Council under the government on January 26, Dvorkovich said that during the creation of the new structure, some development institutions after “clarify the mandate and objectives” can be eliminated or combined.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the meeting supported the idea of reformatting the mandates of existing institutions for development, “if necessary, and where it is needed”. We are talking about “SKOLKOVO”, “RVC”, “RUSNANO”, “VEB Innovations”, the Bortnik Foundation, and other similar state organizations which are engaged in support of innovations in Russia.

“We see that in some cases it’s definitely needed. There were some suggestions on this, they haven’t worked with all departments, supervising the activities of individual organizations, this will be done in the next few weeks and proposals will be presented,” – said Dvorkovich.

As “Kommersant” writes, quoting Deputy Prime Minister, “will remain alive all these institutions still need to be addressed”. Possible elimination or consolidation of individual institutions, he said.

Earlier it was reported that the results of the meeting can be created Corporation for the management of budgets and the most innovative activities in Russia. But Medvedev, this idea is not supported. In the end, the meeting decided to establish a project office at the government office that will manage the innovation development institutes. Supervising Deputy Prime Minister in this area will remain Dvorkovich.

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At the meeting it was also decided to support the establishment of the Agency for technological development, which will deal exclusively with technology transfer in the Russian Federation. In addition, it is assumed the establishment of the project office of the National technology initiative (STI). Such an office can establish on the basis of RVC “followed by the release of this special organization of the RVC framework”.

“In the coming weeks will be presented that have already been agreed with all departments proposals. Will live all of these institutions are yet to be resolved,” — said Dvorkovich.

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