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The government has approved the idea to equip all cars in Russia “smart” monitoring systems

The government of Russia has approved the idea to equip all cars with devices that will track their movement and condition. This is reported on Thursday “news”.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has instructed to form a working group that will prepare amendments to the legislation. It is assumed that they will implement intelligent telematics systems (its).

The group included representatives of the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of transport, Ministry of interior, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of emergency situations. In addition, it will be the staff of the Bank of Russia “GLONASS” and “Avtonet”.

We are talking about the formation of a unified environment collecting, processing and transmission of information about the location and condition of the vehicle. Specific data packets will be determined by needs: it is possible to transmit information about the driving style of a particular driver (for drawing up the insurance contract), the axle load of the truck (this solves the question of the weighing of transported goods), the need for repair or replacement of certain components (for service).

The new infrastructure, as conceived by the initiators of the project will also implement processes for traffic management in Moscow, Petersburg and Kazan. It is a “smart” surveillance systems, recognizes the vehicle, the “Smart public transport” that allows you to optimize routes and intervals, the “Smart Parking”, etc.

Note that the 2020 mandatory attribute for all vehicles produced on the territory of the Customs Union, will be the terminal ERA-GLONASS (is a system of care for victims of traffic accidents, as the name implies — ERA stands for “emergency response in case of accidents”).

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Currently trucks and buses are equipped with tachographs and terminals “GLONASS”. Heavy trucks equipped with devices for charging for the use of Federal roads “Plato”.

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