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The government approved the bill on blocking “mirrors” pirate sites

A government Commission approved a draft law of the Ministry of communications, according to which it will be possible to block not only the pirate sites, but their mirror. Blocked “forever” resources and their mirrors should be removed from the search results. The message on it appeared on the website of the Russian government.

The governmental Commission of the Russian Federation approved a bill that would limit access to the mirrors of sites containing illegally distributed content. In addition, the bill will oblige the operators of search engines to remove from search results those resources that have been blocked for piracy on an ongoing basis, as well as “mirrors” of such resources.

The bill was prepared by the Ministry of communications and published on the portal The document envisages amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and protection of information” and the Civil code.

The bill introduces into use such a thing as “a derivative website on the Internet” – what in the language of network users is called a mirror site. Lock mirrors that provide access to illegal audio and video materials is possible through the conversion of copyright holders in court.

The bill was prepared by the Ministry of communications after studying the practice of constant blocking of pirated resources. During the analysis, the Ministry concluded that to react to the appearance of the mirrors of the banned sites is difficult, since mirrors are created automatically. In addition, search engines continue to index the “forever” blocked websites and their mirrors, because the law does not oblige operators of search engines to remove these websites from search results. As a result, through the unlocked mirror shown in the search, the user easily gets access to pirated content. The appearance of the corresponding legal regulations should rectify the situation.

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Search engines must within three days from the moment of receipt of the notification from Roskomnadzor to stop issuing information about the “mirrors” pirate sites. A resource is a mirror site pirate site on the basis of the decision of the Moscow city court or issued on the basis of such decisions of the court order.

Representatives of the company “Yandex” in may 2016, noted that the concept of the mirror in the bill should be further developed. “Mirror” is determined by the Ministry of communications as a resource that has a “similar name and (or) displays on the Internet, created as a result of moving, full or partial copying of information from the source website, they’re automatically synced, the transfer of such information from one language to another and (or) granting the user access to services and information provided on the original site by automatically redirecting the user to the original site and (or) other derivative of the website, and (or) a complete or partial include the contents of the source site displayed in part on derived information”. According to “Yandex”, this definition applies to many resources in addition to direct mirrors.

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