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The GoPro app for mobile devices has learned to create and edit videos

GoPro expanded the capabilities of mobile apps GoPro due to the Trim and Share. Now the owners of action cameras can create short videos and share them with smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android.

During long recording using a GoPro can see an important point. Previously, in order to turn it into a movie, it was required to transfer the recording on the PC, to find the best moment to edit the video then upload it to the network. Trim and Share mobile applications greatly simplifies this process.

The user can click in the video playback new icon Trim, to choose the length of the roller (5, 15 or 30 seconds) and save it for future publication in the Network. This feature is now available to owners of cameras HERO4 Black with LCD Touch BacPac, HERO4 Silver and HERO+ LCD.

The owners of the other GoPro cameras with Wi-Fi enabled will receive the corresponding functionality using GoPro App, which is designed for mobile devices running iOS 8 and Android 4.3. Download the application here.

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