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The Google Photo was saved from prison, a canadian, who was accused of assaulting police

Pages MacDigger there are many examples of how modern technologies help users. Today’s news from the same category. We will focus on the Toronto resident, who has been mistreated by the police. It helped the Google Photos app.

As you know, it’s not illegal to shoot police officers in the performance of their duties. On the contrary, the principle of “openness and transparency” in its operations. Nevertheless, there are cases when you try to commit to your action camera guards, cause the last negative reaction. Similar incident happened in the life of our hero. He was saved from prison ten second video, which he shot on camera phones.

For judges of the provincial court of Ontario was short enough entries to justify being on the dock Abdi Sheikh Qasim. He was accused of assaulting two policemen. Mobile device to which the shooting was conducted, were found. In fact, the defendant in the case was the real victim. Thanks to the video it became clear that physical contact first went to one of the officers.

As told in an interview with Sheikh Qasim: “I was saved by the Google Photo. At least, saved me from the headaches. If not for the chance, I’d already be in prison.”

“Things of the defendant were seized during the arrest. Phone among them could not be found, ‘ commented judge Edward Kelly. – Such action by servants of the law undermine their credibility. The video clearly shows that police attacked Sheikh Qasim”.

On their luck Abdi turned photo syncing with Google. Due to the service, all records fell in the cloud. And it played a crucial role in the adjudication.

“I nearly had a stroke. I was jumping like crazy! says the Shaykh Qasim. – And you can’t imagine how happy I was to find a record of the incident”.

Despite this, Abdi Sheikh Qasim will still be fined for obscene statements to the police officers. However, this is nothing compared to imprisonment. The police, in turn, will be responsible for the malfeasance.

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