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The Golden Apple: how to design Studio-bred connoisseurs of exclusive iPhone

The smartphone has already become an accessory, showing the status. But if for some the ultimate dream of credit iPhone of the latest generation, others need something more substantial. The richer and pretentious, the better. Expert on certified diamonds and Moscow jewelry factory at the request of the Life told about what silent the creators of the exclusive versions of iPhone.

The business of most of these jewelry shops built on customization of smartphones Apple. In addition to a premium and precious materials offer even more individualize your iPhone via engraving. The degree of kitsch differs — from the more or less elegant option, where labels are supposed to be on the swing volume to “a commemorative plaque”, reminiscent of the circles and the finished cards in the spirit of “beloved mother”.


IPhone 7 from the collection of Diva. Weight gold inserts — three grams. The cost per gram of gold 999-carat bullion — 2,800 rubles, plus “handmade jewelry”, but almost all the stones in jewelry are inserted manually. There is a variant casting of products from with the stones, but this technology is used less frequently.

Diamonds: 11 PCs of 0.01 CT, that is, in aggregate, 0.11 CT. If you take the best features, then it’s $770 for a one carat price of RAPAPORT, experts say. Total: 770 * 0,11 = $maximum of 84.7 for all the diamonds in this phone.

The Diva model D4 for sale 214 000. Here used 11 diamonds and a gold insert on the body. In the production of it all will cost 24 000 rubles. Given that the iPhone is not more than 80,000 rubles, the manufacturer’s profit can be estimated at 110 000.

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Feld & Volk

Feld & Volk Studio for customization, here, like the solely iPhone. In the line of the brand has seven variants frame-based carbon fiber, curly birch and skeleton. Prices range from 259 000 to 334 000.

The experts did not have much experience with the masters of woodcarving. But to work on one of the private orders we can say that the wooden insert, similar to that used in the model Feld & Volk is not more than 30 000 rubles.

Rich Murray

This company also operates English manufacturing traditions, noticeable in imitation Vertu. Customers are offered Concierge service and VIP event, but in fact Rich Murray — it’s all the same Atelier: the basis of all models is iPhone. For precious metals do not skimp here — the most expensive model called Rich Murray Iphone 7 Plus Order Of The Garter Diamond 32 GB will cost 1.2 million rubles. The simplest is 131 000 roubles, however, the framing will be out of the ordinary titanium.

The most expensive model gold plating 7 microns is even thinner than gold foil. That is, there is no gold almost. Coating technology jewelry Gold Filled though is quite modern and more reliable than traditional gilding, but mostly she give a guarantee of two to five years. With careful wearing jewelry for 10 years. With regard to diamonds and rubies, the manufacturer does not specify their weight and characteristics.

As for the cheapest model, there is, in fact, nothing. The carving on the Titan. This is most likely a laser, but then the question about “manual production”.

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Diamonds, rubies and gilt, which is called the manufacturers fashion Gold Filled words will cost about 30 000 rubles. The stone setting will cost about 6 000. But the cost of working with metal is difficult to assess as unclear method of production. The cheapest model is made of titanium. It is really time consuming and difficult.


“Caviar” stamp, which most often emerges in the media, specializiruetsya on patriotism and spirituality. Among the relevant topics can be found, for example, the tandem of smartphones, which pair is Vladimir Putin, not Dmitry Medvedev, and Donald trump.

In the Arsenal of iPhones, Apple Watch, buyers-Celebi and online designer where you can choose the exterior of the smartphone, putting the desired parameters and inscriptions for engraving. Price range — 160-297 thousand rubles.

On the website you do not specify any weight of gold, weight and characteristics of the stones. All smartphones of the company — just a nice description, but to a jeweler it sounds the same as for an expert in the car: “Great car! Please note, it’s got wheels, especially the front left.” Description of materials on the website do not bear any specifics. “Gold is the metal of kings!”, “Diamonds — the splendor of nature”

Cost 46 diamonds (quality of stones is good, but the cut is of very poor quality), ruby (the manufacturer specifies the characteristics 3/3, but in assessing these stones are used completely different criteria) and gold (fine gold-plated) — 55 000 rubles. Model with Beluga: the only jewelry item — Beluga, made of silver with a weight of 2.75 grams. The price of precious metals of the world are regulated by the London stock exchange and is currently 2.75 grams will cost 124 of the ruble. The wizard and the cast — around 360 rubles.

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