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The Germans released an Ethernet adapter for the iPhone and iPad [video]

The mobile Apple devices missing the Ethernet port — but in life anything can happen, including a situation when at hand, no wifi, no computer, and surf the Internet very necessary. Specially for such cases, the German company Rebotnix Technologies has developed the RB adapter-Connect, allowing you to go online with the iPhone and iPad via Ethernet.

Ethernet adapter compatible with all devices running iOS, allowing you to easily connect to wired Internet. RB-Connect requires no power or boot the client from the App Store – it is easily connected using the Lightning cable.

It is worth noting that if you connect the adapter to an iPhone or iPad before the adapter is connected to the network, then the mobile device may receive the error message: Apple warns that this USB device is not supported.

To order an Ethernet adapter for the iPhone and iPad is available through Kickstarter for 99 euros. The question, are there many users of RB-Connect in everyday life remains open.

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