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The function of “Screen time” was useless for users

Analysts of the edition CNET conducted a study as a function of “Screen time” helps the users in real life. Their conclusions are disappointing: the main feature of iOS 12 was useless for most owners of Apple devices.

The function of “Screen time” appeared in iOS 12, and in the next updates of the operating system it was supplemented and improved. As planned by Apple, this option should help users to monitor time spent in smartphones and become a tool in the fight against Internet addiction. However, not all owners of iOS devices get the practical benefit of this feature.

According to CNET, most of the users watch their on-screen time regularly, and 54 percent of respondents even stated that the reduction in the time of smartphone usage has impacted on their life slightly or not at all had the desired effect. Most often users interacted with the feature to reduce the number of notifications to turn on the “do Not disturb” on or off the device. In their view, the problem of the dependence of man on smartphone can not be solved “outside” the reduction of the time that he spends on the Internet. Much more important is understanding what they are doing in smartphones and how to distract yourself from these actions.

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