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The FSB said about the use by terrorists of the messenger Telegram before the explosion in St. Petersburg

The FSB says about the active use by terrorists and “their supervisors abroad” for communication of the messenger Telegram, including the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg April 3. The statement reads that the messenger “is the terrorists ability to create secret chats with high level of encryption of the transmitted information.”

“During expeditious maintenance of investigation of the terrorist attack on 3 April this year in the metro of St. Petersburg FSB received accurate information about the use of the suicide bomber, his accomplices and foreign curator Telegram messenger to conceal their criminal intentions at all stages of organization and preparation of a terrorist act”, — stated in received by “Interfax” on Monday the message of the Center of public relations (TSOs) FSB of Russia.

The Department indicates that “total recorded their use by members of the messengers for the implementation of safe communication between themselves and their supervisors from abroad”.

“The most active members of international terrorist organizations on the territory of the Russian Federation used the messenger Telegram, giving the terrorists the ability to create secret chats with high level of encryption of information transmitted”, – declared in TSOs FSB.

Last week the head roskomnadzora Zharov twice publicly spoke on the subject Telegram. He has published on the website of your organization appeal to Durov, in which he wrote: “the Time allotted to Roskomnadzor by law for making the decision expires. Therefore, I publicly appeal to the command Telegram and personally Pavel Valeryevich Durov: comply with Russian legislation! The choice is yours” — said in a statement. According to him, in case of refusal of fulfillment of duties of the organizer of information dissemination Telegram in Russia should be blocked.

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To this statement the actor finally responded, calling the Agency’s initiative “against state interests”. “It is ironic that on the agenda in Russia, no lock controlled USA WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but is being actively discussed, the lock is neutral with respect to Russia Telegram”, — he wrote.

This exchange of ideas is not over, and Zharov complained publicly Durov, chiding that “neutral attitude to the terrorists.” The actor also reminded the official that the Telegram handles requests to remove terrorist material from around the world — and no country in the Telegram was not blocked for “neutrality” in this issue.

Prior to the publication of the statement of the FSB Durov expressed the view that the victory over terrorism through the locks would block the entire Internet. He accused the leadership of Roskomnadzor in ignorance of the encryption methods and the violation of the provisions of the Russian Constitution. The requirement for the Department to issue to the security services, “the keys to decrypt”, so that they could read the correspondence of users and to catch terrorists, contrary to the 23rd article of the Constitution about the right to privacy of correspondence, he wrote. According to him, the messenger no keys for the decryption of the correspondence, keys are stored only on devices of the users.

“Although the Telegram was a pioneer of this technology, today endpoint encryption using all popular instant messengers including WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage and even Facebook Messenger,” he added.

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