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The Frenchman put together a video of selfies taken every day for 8 years

21-year-old Hugo Cornelius has published on its YouTube channel the video, assembled from selfshadow. Material for a two-minute clip that became viral, was going daily for 8.5 years.

Have a catch phrase: “Life is only a moment between past and future. Or is the assertion that our whole life consists of individual points, between which often have nothing in common. It’s just the moments that remain in our memory, whether visual image or a bright (often emotional) feeling.

Cornelius posted a video, featuring their own “selfie”, which he did every day for eight and a half years. On these pictures you can monitor how much he has changed since 2007.

The material for the video quickly became viral, the Frenchman decided to collect when he was 12 years old. “I began making selfies when it has not yet become mainstream,” he wrote in his blog. Only this time the teenager made about 2000 pictures, some of them were lost in the first year of the project.

The main difficulty, according to the Frenchman, is to process the photographs: each photo it is necessary to align manually. Cornelius intends to do a selfie and then – “still alive”. A video of the pictures he is going to mount every two years.

For those who have not yet mastered the art of samomoderirovanie, in App Store there are hundreds of specialized applications. For example, with the help of Everyday you can create a series of photographs. To “selfie” just became a habit, you can set daily reminders.

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