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The former owners of Android-smartphone Nexus told why they switched to the iPhone 7

Tim cook on the last conference concerning the reports for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2016, said that in the last quarter, the number of “defectors” from the Android platform has reached record levels. Among those who changed the platform were users of “reference” line of smartphones Nexus, which decided not to upgrade to the flagships or the new Google Pixel and chose the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The portal iMore conducted a poll among those who abandoned the Nexus in favor of the iPhone 7 and gathered their opinions about this.

Among other things, users noted that not sure quite how well and full can be made the transfer of information from their old devices on, for example, Google Pixel, and the mechanism proposed by Apple, inspires greater confidence. Yes, and the fact that Apple offers better quality software, the potential “switcher” is also captivating.

Users report that Android is prone to clogging of RAM that affects the speed of operation of the device as a whole – according to the observations of one of the switches, this occurs every six months. Thus empirically it was found that this affected and smartphones, and tablets – in particular, the user worked with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and ASUS Nexus tablet. Moreover, there are often problems with synchronization, so he refused from a bunch of Android devices and made a choice in favor of iOS. Now he has a iPhone and iPad mini that work great in tandem and absolutely no brakes.

Many complain about the battery life – comparing the Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ with the iPhone 7, users have come to the conclusion that the latter is in the active mode a lot more competitors. Today, battery life is an important factor when choosing a smartphone, and the biggest problem of Android is the background processes that consume the battery even in standby mode. Of course, advanced users can manually disable background activity programs, but even they appreciate the comfort and ease of use of the device, which offers iPhone.

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Another problem was the price tag – one of the “switchers” was told that the cost is almost no difference between the iPhone and Google Pixel, for which he initially wanted to be updated. The smaller model Google Pixel with a memory of 32 GB is $ 649 (and 749 dollars for the version with 128 GB of memory). Pixel respectively XL cost 769 and $ 869. The cost of 32-Gigabyte iPhone 7 is comparable to the price of a Junior version of the Google Pixel the same $ 649 version, the 256 GB will cost 849. And since the fundamental difference in the price between the devices no, many made a choice in favor of the iPhone.

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