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The former head of GM: Apple has no chance to release the car better than Ford, Volkswagen or Toyota

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, Apple will release its electric car for a year earlier than planned – as early as 2019. The company’s senior management has already given the green light to the project Titan and soon plans to triple the number of people working for the project. Meanwhile, experts doubt the success of the automotive project Apple. Former Vice-Chairman of GM Bob Lutz believes venture company “a huge money pit”.

“Apple has no experience, said Lutz in an interview with CNBC. – There is no reason to believe that Apple will do a better job than General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota or Hyundai”.

The expert noted that the business of selling electric vehicles difficult and unprofitable, compared with the business of selling gadgets.

“You will not find a single company in the world that would be able to make money on electric cars. – said the former head of GM. – They all essentially unprofitable… there is absolutely No chance to believe that Apple will become financially successful in the market of electric vehicles.”

Rumors about the Apple car have been circulating for many years – since the days of Steve jobs, seems to be planning to collaborate with Tesla, but reliable information is still very small. Like any other Apple product, the electric car is being developed in secrecy. It is not clear even – Apple will build a car completely from scratch or borrow the platform of one of the partners, with whom negotiations are underway right now. In addition, it is unclear whether the electric car brought to market in 2019, or on the date scheduled premiere pre-production concept. It is known that Apple has hired experts on unmanned machines, but to do its first fully Autonomous car in Cupertino don’t plan.

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Not so long ago project car Apple criticized Dieter Zetsche, a German businessman, Chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. “I don’t see any rational explanation of the intentions of Apple to create their car, he said. – Why is Apple such a level of profit to go into this business?”

“If you’ve been able to get iTunes in the car, it’s not a reason to create your car”, – said the head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Former President of General Motors Dan Akerson also opposed to the world famous company from California produced cars. According to him, Apple is better off focusing on automotive electronics.

The former head of General Motors emphasized that the automotive industry, in which various norms and requirements, much harder than you think to Apple: “Many people, not related to her, don’t understand and underestimate her.”

It is worth noting that in the past there were people who doubted the success of Apple. For example, in 2007, the Palm CEO ed Colligan did not consider the creation of the iPhone as a serious threat, but after a few years, phones from Apple reached a leading position in the market, then how about Palm products nobody remembers.

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