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The former creative Director of Apple: the era of Steve jobs ended Apple “has changed dramatically”

The former creative Director of Apple Hugh Duberly believes that the company from Cupertino is likely to remain in the shadow of Samsung. According to him, the era of Steve jobs ended that carries large risks for the future of the “Apple” giant.

“We are not talking about the fact that Samsung products have become much better, and that Apple has changed fundamentally. The pipeline, which started a Steve jobs stopped.”

Duberly has worked in both Apple and Samsung, in the past he was a member of the Board of Directors of the company. Earlier, the same fears were expressed by analysts WSJ, suggested that the same design in the new iPhone is not enough to surpass Samsung, the decisive point is the issue of placement of the fingerprint scanner.

“Samsung Galaxy S8 have raised the bar, as everyone knew that Apple is preparing to impress all the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone. To surpass the design of the Samsung, the iPhone will need a new distinguishing feature, such as a built-in display, fingerprint scanner”.

Some stakeholders argue that the superiority of the iPhone design on solutions Samsung over the Galaxy S8:

“Galaxy S8 got a new attractive design became longer and thinner, and got rid of the frames around the screen.”

Duberly believes that for this reason the publication Consumer Reports has evaluated the Galaxy S8 is higher than the iPhone 7. He is convinced that design plays a more important role in the choice of smartphone than the technical specifications.

According to Charles L. Mauro, MauroNewMedia Chapter, aesthetics is more important than is commonly believed. According to previously conducted studies, before the appearance of smartphone paid attention only 7% of buyers, but now this figure rose to 50%.

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Anyway, things Galaxy S8 are not as good as expected the Samsung. According to analysts, sales of South Korean flagship this year decreased, compared with the Galaxy S7, the company informed.

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