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The Force Touch display on the iPhone 6s will combine the advantages of the screens of the Apple Watch and new MacBook trackpads

It’s no secret that one of the features of the next generation iPhone will support Force Touch technology. Rumors that Apple is going to use their communicators are sensitive to velocity displays, go for a long time. According to 9to5Mac, a source in the company confirmed this information, having told about options for applying technology in iOS 9.

One of the variants of the implementation Force Touch screens in the iPhone is tactile feedback. In the design of the LCD panel will include sensors that will record not only the fact of depression, but also its strength. Such a change will be made in iOS new features based on velocity. In this case, clicking on the display, the user will feel the response. He will be responsible module called called the taptic Engine.

Initially, the technology will get standard apps iOS 9: Weather, Maps, Safari, Calendar. In the future, Apple will open up APIs to developers, so in the future for many third-party applications the display with Force Touch will not be strangers.

In preset programs, it will look like this: the more the user will press the rewind button on the player, the faster the rewind will occur. The same applies to media player – when a strong pressing to speed up the scrolling speed of the video. In Maps feature will allow you to put labels in the calendar to add new events. In any text program press on the screen with force will cause the window translator – will eliminate the need for additional clicks. The insider, which tested the technology on a prototype iPhone 6s, found the implementation of a function “practical enough”.

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First, Force Touch will be available on the iPhone, and later will be used in iPad. Probably already in the next generation of tablets will benefit the displays, which are sensitive to velocity.

It is known that Apple has no plans to introduce this feature in iOS 9 at WWDC in June. The company is preparing a “surprise” for the fall of the presentation of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

In addition to the implementation Force Touch the company is working on an updated keyboard for iOS 9. In development at Apple a few new design options, one of which includes additional buttons to edit text in portrait mode. The developers also intend to change the design of the Shift key to make more explicit the activation of the Caps Lock.

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